Anastasia & Midori – Bridal Bondage

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Famous fetish model Anastasia Pierce visited our dungeon to be transformed into our 'Beautiful Bondage Bride'. Internationally renowned fetish diva Midori wished to produce a living art-work of a beautiful caged bride, complete with an intricate head harness made from strings of fine pearls. No sex in this photoset... just some beautiful images complete featuring some behind the scenes photos of Midori working her magic.

Anastasia Pierce - Bridal Bound Anastasia Pierce - Bondage Bride Anastasia - Shackled and Wedded Anastasia and Midori - Bridal Bondage BTS Anastasia and Midori - Bridal Pearl Bondage Pearl Bondage with Anastasia Pearl Bondage by Ken Marcus Read More